We provide computer and laptop repair, sales, and services in Bradford, UK. Our service are for both residential and commercial clients.

Why us?

Just like a car, your computer needs its annual check-up. We provide a full check of the software and the hardware. Your computer is scanned for viruses and malware. We run several procedures to remove temporary files and optimize, making your computer run faster than before. The best bit? Critical software and security updates are installed automatically at scheduled times, ensuring you are fully protected with the least disruption possible.

Our technicians have decades of combined experience. We use the latest industry standard techniques. Bring in your desktop computer or laptop, and discover how our friendly service and technical skills will suit your needs. Free virus and malware suites for home users.


If we are unable to fix, service or repair your PC or laptop, we won't charge you!


New Operating Systems
Performance Solutions
Network Security
Viruses Removal
Data Recovery
Power Issues
& Much More

Lost everything? CMS offer a comprehensive data recovery service. Home or Business, you need to have a safe copy of your data. CMS provides backup solutions. Version history, synchronous and real-time applications to ensure your peace of mind. Using CMS to back up your computer is the best way to avoid ever losing your data again. Contact us now for more information.e

Due to the prominence of working from home, prices and availability of laptops have dramatically increased. It is now very cost effective to upgrade your machine. The advent of SSD (Solid State Data) drives make your machine faster than it has ever been. Increasing the memory and drive can drastically improve speed and performance.

Let us advise and quote you accordingly.

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With 40+  years experience, we have amassed an impressive amount of satisfied clients, past and present.

custom pcs

Ready to have your own PC built? You’ve come to the right place! With over thousands of components, you can finally have exactly what you desire. You can create a PC for gaming, designing or specific to your business.

Use our PC Builder to research and pick the parts you need or want.


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